Special General Meeting For The Adoption of a New Club Constitution & Regulations

Due to a directive from the NSW Government, all clubs had to address their Constitutions and update as a matter of urgency.

Stockton SLSC management committee has worked diligently to do this, and in consultation with the club solicitor, the final document will be available for your perusal.

We hereby inform you that Stockton SLSC will conduct a Special General Meeting on Sunday July 30 commencing at 10am for the adoption of the new Constitution & Regulations.
This meeting will then be followed by the Stockton SLSC Annual General Meeting which will commence at 11am.

If you have any questions in regards to the new Constitution or Regulations, please put them in an email and forward to Roz McMahon roslynmcmahon@hotmail.com
All questions and responses will be put on the club website for all to read.