Refund Policy

Version: 1

Effective Date: 01/09/2021

1. Introduction & Context

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Stockton SLSC (the Club) Constitution, Bylaws and relevant Club, SLSA and SLSNSW policies. To the extent that there are any inconsistencies the Club Constitution and By-laws will prevail.

In all cases, approvals for refund and credit requests remain at the discretion of the Club Executive Committee. Should you wish to dispute a decision made by the Club to refuse to grant a refund or credit, you are entitled to lodge a complaint in accordance with the Club’s Constitution and associated By-Laws.

This procedure applies to all financial Members of the Club. Any Member that has outstanding monies owing to the Club for any reason, is not eligible to receive a refund until outstanding debts have been reconciled.

2. Membership Fees Refund due to Covid-19 related Restrictions

In the event that a government decision results in the cessation of all, or some, Surf Lifesaving Australia related activities preventing a member from fully participating in Club based activities during the season schedule, the Club’s Committee may enact all or part of this refund policy. 

How will the refund amount be calculated?

Refund amounts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis commensurate with the percentage of scheduled activities in the season not undertaken, minus administration fees imposed on the Club from Surf Life Saving peak bodies. The administration fee may change from time to time depending on changes to these capitation fees. These fees are out of the Club’s control. The administration fee will be communicated to members when the policy is enacted or at the time an individual makes a request for refund.

Examples of how a refund may be calculated is at Annexure 1 at the end of this document.

How will I know if I am eligible for a refund and how will my refund amount be treated?

In the event the Committee enacts this policy, members will receive correspondence from the Club to ascertain the member’s preferred treatment of any fees that may be eligible under this refund policy. The below options are available for members that are eligible for the Club’s refund policy:

  1. Provide a prorated credit towards membership fees in the next season

The calculated refund amount will be held by the club and deducted from your membership fees in the next season. This is the default position for the Club.

  1. Request a refund to the calculated amount to be paid back into a nominated bank account.
  2. Make a donation of the calculated refund amount to the Club and receive a receipt for tax deductible purposes.

Only one option above may be selected.

Active Kids Vouchers

Any payment made with an Active Kids Voucher or other government subsidy is ineligible for a refund under this policy. The Club may at its discretion apply the calculated value of the Active Kids Voucher (less administration fee) for use on membership fees in the following season. The Club will communicate this to members in the event the club enacts this policy.

3. Membership Fee Refunds not due to Covid-19 related Restrictions

Refunds may be granted to members in the following circumstances:

  1. The Member’s personal circumstances change e.g. moving away from area
  2. The Member becomes injured or ill and it’s predicted he/she will not be capable of being an active member

All requests for refund must be made in writing to the Director of Finance . Additional evidence from the applicant may be requested such as a doctor’s certificate to support the refund request.

Refund amounts will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, minus an administration fee which covers capitation fees imposed on the club from Surf Life Saving affiliation bodies. The administration fee may change from time to time depending on changes to these capitation fees. These fees are out of the Club’s control.

4. Hall Hire & Event Cancellation

Please refer to the Venue Hire Agreement on the Club’s website

5. Clothing & Club Merchandise

Refunds for club clothing and merchandise will be managed on an individual basis. Please contact the Clothing Coordinator or Director of Finance 

Annexure 1

Examples of how refund amounts will be calculated


Example 1 Example 2
Total Weeks of Season 24 24
Weeks completed 4 0
% Season Remaining 83% 100%


Membership Fee


$ 100.00


$ 100.00

Prorated Fee Remaining $ 83.33 $ 100.00
Administration Fee -$ 30.00 -$ 30.00
Refund Amount $ 53.33 $ 70.00