The ASRL Interstate Challenge will be conducted in conjunction with the ASRL OPEN held from 17- 19 February 2017.

The NSW State team will comprise of the following divisions with the selection criteria listed below:
– Open Men
– Open Women
– Under 19* Men
– Under 19* Female
– Under 23 Men
– Under 23 Women
– Reserve Grade* Men
– Reserve Grade* Women
*(Name TBC & pending ASRL Event Conditions)

Sweeps Contact Details Registration: SLSNSW will communicate further information via Sweeps. To ensure that your crews are aware of any further information please complete this registration online via by Sunday 18 December 2016.

Selection Carnivals:





*Double selection points

Points Allocations & Selection Criteria:

a) The top 7 crews from each division final at each event above will be allocated points on the following basis: 1st = 7 points, 2nd = 6 points, 3rd = 5 points, 4th = 4 points, 5th = 3 points, 6th = 2 points & 7th = 1 point.

b) In the event of a crew outside of NSW finishing in the top 7 in a division at any of the selection events, the next highest place NSW crew will be allocated these points. This will continue down until all points have been allocated to NSW crews. * In the case of equal position in a two separate semi-finals (i.e. two NSW crews coming 4th in separate semis) the points will be divided between the two crews.

c) Only the top 3 results from these events will be counted towards the crews overall standings in each division.

d) The crew/s in each division with the highest number of points at the conclusion of the four events will be deemed as the successful team that will represent NSW at the Interstate Challenge (pending approval).

e) In the unlikely event that crew(s) is tied on points, the decision will rest with the NSW Surf Boat Commission’s Recommendation after a review of crews performances to date.